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We believe creating sustainable, modular multifamily is the best opportunity to provide a solution to the housing crisis in our communities without sacrificing returns.


To make an impact on social and environmental challenges facing urban living in underserved communities of Los Angeles with high quality, sustainable housing for low-income families.



To perfect apartment development using modular and sustainable technology to deliver low-income housing at a cost that is meaningful for both our tenants wallets and our investor returns.

By 2031 there will be 40+ Ranta Group apartment buildings developed with 1,600+ doors serving low-income families of South Los Angeles.


Curt Ranta

Founder | Developer

Curt Ranta is the Founder of the Ranta Group - a sustainable, Build-to-Core development...

Asiri Pererra

Project Manager

Asiri Perera has worked as a professional in the construction industry for over 13 years. He...

Danniel Kang

Structural Engineer

Danniel Kang is a structural engineer with over 15 years of design, management, and construction...

Glenn Fick

Partner | General Contractor

Glenn Fick is responsible for heading up all aspects of construction for Ranta Group...

Mattias Aarons

Executive Supervisor

A Swedish native, Mattias brings a disciplined and sharp focus to the Ranta Group team. Mattias...

Stephen Montoya

Principal Planner

Stephen J. Montoya is the Principal Planner for the Ranta Group, where he oversees entitlements...

Christina Ranta

Partner | Designer

Christina is a founding partner of the Ranta Group and has spent the last 10 years designing...

James Hwangbo

Lead Architect

James attended Illinois Institute of Technology where he majored in Architecture. Upon...

Julius Ward

Property Management

Julius Ward is a self-made man who bought his first fourplex in S. Los Angeles while working...


With over 25 years of experience as Los Angeles area property owners and managers, the 401k Property Management Team has developed an unparalleled synergy between investment property owners, tenants and our property management company. Whether you are looking for vacancy leasing or full-service property management service, we tailor our services and pricing to fit your needs. We specialize in hard-to-manage properties, evictions, city and county Section 8, as well as, rent control and non-rent control laws.